Neighborhood Associations

The following links take you to the homepage or current newsletter of WIN-member neighborhood associations (NAs): **currently under construction**

Northeast Central NA

The Elm NA

Schweiter East NA

Lambsdale NA

South Central

North Riverside NA

South Central Improvement Area

Forest Hills NA

Fabrique NA

South City Community

Westlink NA

Sleepy Hollow NA

Sherwood Glenn NA

LaPlacita Park NA

Riverside Citizens NA

Amelia Earhart NA

Benjamin Hills/Pleasant Valley

New Day NA

Orchard Breeze NA

Uptown NA

East Mt Vernon NA

Ken Mar NA

AP Woodard and Murdock NAs

Crestview Heights

Matlock Heights NA

North End Riverview

Northwest Big River

Northeast Millair

Country Overlook NA

Northeast Heights NA

Murdock NA

Longview NA

LaFamilia Senior Community Center

Hyde NA

Schweiter NA

El Pueblo NA

McAdams NA

South Area NA

Grandview NA Newsletter – April


One response to “Neighborhood Associations

  1. I am working with Bike Walk Wichita planning the ribbon cutting for the Redbud Trail. This trail crosses through several neighborhoods, we were hoping to contact each neighborhood association to involve them in the festivities.

    These are the neighborhoods I see that connect with the Redbud Trail up to Woodlawn:

    40 Murdock
    71 The Elm
    32 McDonald
    60 Sleepy Hollow
    19 Fairmont
    27 Ken-Mar
    9 Crestview Heights
    29 Lambsdale

    Do you have contact info for any of these? I did find Dan Heflin as Sleepy Hollow’s president, but didn’t find an email address for him. About that time I realized I bet WIN has all this info at hand, or at least I hope you do! We’d love to have any contact info you have for these Neighborhood Associations, including name, phone, email, address.

    We haven’t heard back from the city for the final ribbon cutting date but we’re hoping it will be mid-July. Our Schweiter ribbon cutting was a great success, with several neighborhood members involved. We’ll need the same info for the 1st & 2nd St Bike Lanes when that project is done later in summer.

    Thanks so much!

    Jack Murphy

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